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Performance Chassis Parts Backed By Pedders!

Pedders has an extensive range of performance steering components to suit almost every make and model on the roads today, with steering and chassis parts such as:
• Ball Joints
• Tie Rod Ends
• Control Arms
• Rack Ends
• Suspension Bushes (Urethane or Rubber)

Pedders Control Arms – The Perfect Replacement Parts For Any Vehicle

Pedders control arms provide improved performance with simple installation. The key benefit: Pedders control arms are supplied with mounting hardware and bushings making installation easier and more efficient. Pedders control arms are engineered with enhancements to the original equipment design. These improvements include reinforced forging, improved all joint design and more durable bushings to provide better tire wear, longer service life and improved confidence.

Why Check Your Chassis Parts?

If you intend to repair, replace or upgrade the suspension of your vehicle, don’t forget to have the chassis and electric power steering parts checked for serviceability.

If you don’t, it’s like putting a new set of mag wheels on your car with the old tyres, it looks good, but the car will not perform to its maximum potential.

That is why a comprehensive examination of your vehicle’s steering and chassis parts be conducted by our expert technicians so they may identify any worn or damaged parts.

Chassis Parts – The Pedders Way!

Pedders Suspension stores in Australia carry a wide range of replacement steering and chassis parts, including Ball Joints, Tie Rod Ends, Rack Ends, Suspension Bushes -Urethane or Rubber. All our electric power steering kits are manufactured to exacting dimensions and quality equalling or exceeding O.E. specifications.

SportsRyder Performance Steering Components & Chassis Parts

Check out our range of SportsRyder Performance Steering Components, Chassis Parts and more for your vehicle..

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