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Making Light Work Of Heavy Loads

In this video we’ll point to the issues, problems and considerations involved in helping you reach for the best customised solution when carrying load with your vehicle.

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    Choosing The Right Equipment For Load Carrying

    Pedders Load Carrying solutions include everything that is required, from GVM+ Upgrades, heavy-duty springs & uprated airbag suspension kits right down to specialist 2 and 4 wheel alignment for load-carrying vehicles. Our load-carrying range of upgrade products is suited for cars, utes, 4×4/SUV and light commercials.

    Load Carrying & Towing Brochure

    Pedders Suspension Upgrades For Load Carrying

    The Pedders range of load carrying upgrade parts & services consists of:

    GVM+ Upgrades
    Shock Absorbers & Heavy-Duty Springs
    Air Bag Suspension
    Coil Springs & Leaf Springs
    • Brake Pads & Brake Rotors
    Rear Drum to Disc Brake Conversion Kits
    • Torsion Bars & Suspension Bushes
    • Shackle & U Bolt Kits
    • Alignment Kits
    • Steering Dampers
    • Adjustable Panhard Rods
    CV Shafts & Swivel Hub Seal Kits
    Plus a host of additional ancillary products and services.


    Load Carrying & Towing Brochure

    What You Need to Know

    Before choosing a Pedders Load Carrying Solutions for your vehicle it is important to determine what type of Load Carrying is going to be undertaken by the vehicle and how often the vehicle will be placed under such loads. The single most important thing that we need to know is what you are planning to carry in your vehicle and what is intended to be carried in the future. Not sure where to start? Why not book your vehicle in for a Pedders Tow & Load Assessment. Unsure of how much weight your vehicle carrying? Try our Weight Matrix today.

    Tow and Load Assessment Brochure

    Pedders GVM+ Upgrades

    Take your vehicle’s load-carrying capacity to the next level with Pedders’ Federal Government-certified GVM+ upgrades. A GVM+ upgrade increases the official legal load-carrying capacity of your vehicle, allowing you to carrying more weight safely and legally. A GVM+ Upgrade is a wholistic suspension and brake upgrade that has been designed, engineered, tested and approved to carry additional payload over a standard vehicle. Find out more information about our GVM+ solutions here.

    LoadRyder Onboard Scales

    Our innovative LoadRyder Onboard Scales system provides real-time payload-monitoring capability to a range of popular load-carrying vehicles, providing the driver with accurate vehicle weight metrics. The system features model-specific calibration to alert the driver when their vehicle is overloaded and beyond its GVM limit. This information can also be made available to vehicle fleet managers to alert them when one of their vehicles is overloaded and therefore unsafe for drivers and passengers. This system is a world-first and a must-have for major vehicle fleets where OH&S requirements and chain of command has huge relevance.

    LoadRyder Onboard Scales Brochure

    Wheel Alignment – The Pedders Way

    Pedders stores are equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment and our technicians have expert training to ensure optimum wheel alignment and balance, providing you with improved performance, comfort, fuel economy and extended tyre and suspension component life. Our specialist team will setup your load-carrying vehicle with the optimal wheel alignment dependent on the vehicle use, typical load carried and what suspension upgrades have been fitted.

    Effects of Weight on a Vehicle

    1. Chassis Dynamics: The Pitch, Roll and Yaw (The front to back, side to side and rotational motion) of the vehicle body over the wheels and in particular the reaction of these movements to driver input. Increased weight changes the speed and magnitude of these movements and creates a greater disconnect between driver input and vehicle response.
    2. Suspension Travel: The available upward (compression or bump) and downward (rebound) range of movement within the vehicle’s suspension system. Increased weight (typically seen with rear sagging caused by heavy loads) decreases the available compression travel for normal suspension operation thus increasing the frequency and severity of contact with the bump stops. This causes harsh ride characteristics, ineffective suspension control and increased risk of premature wear and tear on steering and suspension components.
    3. Braking Efficiency and Distance: Increased Total Weight creates a magnification of energy and force onto the vehicles braking system which in turn generates increased heat and stress. Increasing total Weight and/or Inconsistent Vehicle Loading has a significant impact on brake performance, braking longevity and most importantly braking distance.
    4. Tyre Contact and Steering Effectiveness: Towing and other increased rear end loads cause longitudinal weight transfer which reduces weight over the front axle. The result of this is reduced front tyre contact and grip with the road reducing the responsiveness of steering and braking to driver inputs and more specifically allowing the front of the vehicle to wander or float.
    5. Wheel Alignment: This is the correct angle of a vehicles tyres to maximise tyre contact under normal driving conditions. Increased weight causing changes in suspension travel and geometry, which affects the angle of the wheel resulting in the reduction of tyre contact with the road and increased tyre wear. Incorrect Wheel Alignment and Tyre Contact affects all facets of vehicle performance, most importantly safety through diminished steering responsiveness and braking efficiency.
    6. Legal Compliance: Every vehicle must operate within the weights tolerance specified by the original manufacturer. Failure to adhere to this deems the vehicle unroadworthy. And has other potential consequences including OH+S and insurance compliance issues.

    Load Carrying Solutions From Pedders

    Check out our range of Pedders Load Carrying Parts and more for your vehicle.


    GVM+ Kit Ford Ranger PX H/D-suits B/Bar and Winch-3500kg GVM 45311 GVM-RANGERPXHD



    GVM+ Kit Hilux KUN26 45905 GVM- HILUXKUN26



    GVM+ Kit - 79 Series (excl 76 Series) Heavier Rear Spring 45325 GVM-TOY 78/79 HD


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