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Understanding TrakRyder Shock Absorbers

For vehicles that carry weight a shock absorber upgrade is highly recommended. Check out our range of TrakRyder Shock Absorbers in this video.

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    How Long Have We Been Making Shock Absorbers?

    We’ve been fixing, modifying and designing our own shock absorbers since 1950, in fact, Ron Pedder (our Chairman) started sellling our own brand of new shock absorbers back in the 70s.

    Pedders Shock Absorber Range

    How Do Shock Absorbers Work?

    A shock absorber’s primary role is to resist movement, to control the movement of the car’s springs and reduce body roll. The shock resists this movement by controlling the flow of oil inside the shock through a number of control valves. Pedders valves are precisely engineered to provide a measured resistance to the oil flow and a very smooth ride.

    Pedders Range Of Shock Absorbers

    Pedders has a comprehensive range of shock absorbers to suit most vehicles on our roads today. With options of replacement, sports/performance & 4×4/SUV. Click here for more information.

    Shock Absorber Replacements & Upgrades By Pedders

    Check out our range of Pedders Replacement Parts and more for your vehicle.


    Pedders Gas Sports Ryder Shock 141226


    Pedders Trakryder Foam Cell Shock 9544


    Trakryder Foam Cell Spring Seat 154331

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