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Jeep Wrangler Underbody Protection

ASFIR designs skid plates that are custom designed for Jeep Wrangler models, with the purpose of improving the safety and handling of your vehicle. Pedders has teamed up with this globally recognised brand to allow residents across Australia to select from these fantastic underbody protection kits, supplying them through our fully equipped outlets located throughout the nation.

The Jeep Wrangler skid plate packages include:

Engine/gear skid plate for 2012-On SWB and LWB automatic 3.6lt petrol 4X4 models
Engine/gear skid plate for 07-2011 SWB and LWB automatic petrol 4X4 models
Exhaust skid plate for 07-2012 automatic petrol models
Steering rod protector for 07-2012 SWB and LWB models with original bumper
Steering rod protector for 07-2012 SWB and LWB automatic petrol models with alt heavy duty winch bumper
Transfer skid plate for 07-2012 SWB and LWB automatic 4X4 3.6lt and 3.8lt petrol models

Find the nearest Pedders outlet to you today and speak to our team about how ASFIR Jeep Wrangler underbody protection can improve the safety of your vehicle.

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