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Making Light Work Of Heavy Loads

In this video we’ll point to the issues, problems and considerations involved in helping you reach for the best customised solution when carrying load or towing with your vehicle.

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    Choosing The Right Suspension For Towing

    Pedders Towing Solutions include everything that is required, from uprated coil springs, shock absorbers, GVM upgrade kits, brakes, airbag suspension kits right through to specialist 2 and 4 wheel alignment. So if you’re wanting to upgrade your vehicles suspension and brakes for towing, our load carrying range of upgrade products is suited for cars, utes, 4×4/SUV and light commercials.

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    Heavy Duty Coil Springs For Tow Vehicles

    Heavy-duty replacement coil springs from Pedders are designed to improve the towing ability of your vehicle whilst offering high levels of comfort and control at the same time. Our range of coils springs are fit for purpose, providing quality heavy duty suspension. With options of raised, variable load and constant load. Talk to your local Pedders outlet to find out more.

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    Shock Absorbers for Towing

    Our range of Pedders shock absorbers are designed to suit specific driving needs. Options of light towing duties right through to heavy will dictate the recommendation of shock absorber to best suit your driving needs. Find out more about our shock absorber range here.

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    Pedders TrakRyder Leaf Springs

    Pedders range of Leaf Springs offer a 2 year 40,000km nationwide warranty and are available in the following designs:

    • TrakRyder Standard Height Variable Leaf Spring
    • TrakRyder Raised Height Variable Leaf Spring
    • TrakRyder Raised Height 0-300Kgs Leaf Spring
    • TrakRyder Raised Height 300Kgs to GVM Leaf Spring
    • TrakRyder Raised Height 300Kgs to GVM Leaf Spring

    Suspension Bushes For Tow Vehicles

    Suspension bushes are essential for improving the comfort, handling, stability and safety of the tow vehicle when carrying heavy load. Used to fix and even up suspension and steering components like sway bars, shock absorbers, torsion bars, control arms and so on, the suspension bushes enhance ride comfort, reduce vibration, noise and harshness by absorbing road shocks.

    By their very nature, bushes need to be maintained in optimum condition at all times. Timeworn bushes can immediately lead to tyre wear and pulling steering, not to mention that it can diminish the braking and safe handling of the vehicle. Download the brochure below for more on towing suspension bushes.

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    Air Bags For Towing

    Air Bag Suspension kits are one of the most popular and effective methods of providing load assistance and enhancing the towing capability of a vehicle. The mechanism is simple and ingenious: the air bags get inflated in order to increase the spring rate and maintain the optimal height of the vehicle when towing.

    Using Pedders Air Assist Air Bags provide numerous benefits such as enhancing the towing efficiency of the vehicle, compensating for any minor rear sag, decreasing the general instability caused by towing heavy loads and restricting the bottoming out effect on rough terrain. What is more, these springs enhance shock life and braking, whilst reducing the body roll.

    Pedders Suspension Upgrades for Towing

    If you're after suspension upgrades for towing, check out our range of Pedders Suspension Parts and more for your tow vehicle.


    GVM+ Kit - 79 Series (excl 76 Series) Heavier Rear Spring 45325 GVM-TOY 78/79 HD



    GVM+ -D40 550 45684 Model With Over Axle Rear Spring GVM-D40/550 OVER



    GVM+ Kit - PX Ranger3500 45311 Ford Ranger PX HD w/o Bull Bar Winch GVMRNGRPX,NOBBAR


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