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Ford Ranger GVM Upgrade Kits – PX, PXII and PXIII

Pedders has a complete range of Ford Ranger GVM upgrade packages and more for PX, PXII & PXIII models.

These Ford Ranger GVM upgrade kits that are specifically designed to improve the handling of your vehicle while carrying heavy loads. Pedders GVM upgrade solutions are equipped with various heavy duty parts like shock absorbers, springs, U/bolts and much more that will bring significant improvements to your vehicle over the factory equipment.

Each of the suspension components installed in the kits we provide are backed by Pedders 2 Year/40,000kms Nationwide Warranty. Pedders GVM+ kits are designed to significantly increase the certified GVM rating of your Ford Ranger and are Federal Government-approved.

Pedders Level One Ford Ranger GVM+ Upgrade for PX, PXII & PXIII Series Ford Ranger increases GVM to 3500kg and provides an extra 300kg of Payload.

Pedders Level Two Ford Ranger GVM+ Upgrade for PXIII Series Ford Ranger increases GVM to 3670kg and provides an extra 470kg of Payload.

Pedders’ Ford Ranger GVM Upgrade kits suit the following Ford Ranger models:

  • 2WD Ute C/Chassis
  • 2WD S/Side
  • 2WD Super Cab-C/Chassis
  • 2WD D/Cab C/Chassis
  • 2WD D/Cab S/Side 2.2Lt
  • 2WD D/Cab S/Side 3.2Lt
  • 4WD Ute C/Chassis 2.2Lt
  • 4WD Ute, C/Chassis 3.2Lt
  • 4WD Super Cab-C/Chassis 3.2Lt
  • 4WD Super Cab Style Side 3.2Lt
  • 4WD D/Cab C/Chassis 2.2
  • 4WD D/Cab C/Chassis 3.2
  • 4WD D/Cab S/Side 2.2Lt
  • 4WD D/Cab S/Side 3.2Lt
  • 4WD D/Cab Style Side XLT
  • 4WD D/Cab Wildtrak

Click the links below to download the Pedders GVM Solutions Kit Flyers: