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Wheel Alignment - The Pedders Way

Pedders stores are equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment and our technicians have expert training to ensure optimum wheel alignment and balance, providing you with improved performance, comfort, fuel economy and extended tyre and suspension component life. When your vehicle needs a wheel alignment, go to the experts!

Wheel alignment

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    Wheel alignment

    Wheel Alignment Explained

    A wheel alignment is the process of measuring and setting the key areas of adjustment within your vehicle’s suspension. Every vehicle comes with recommended parameters that the wheel alignment should fall into in order to meet the manufacturer’s recommended tolerances for the best balance of ride comfort, handling and tyre wear. To meet these recommended parameters we adjust the vehicle’s camber, caster and toe angle. Through every day driving these settings can fall out of sync as your vehicle encounters pot holes, gravel roads, gutters and other obstacles that cause vibrations and knock your wheels out of alignment.

    Once your wheels are out of alignment you will suffer from reduced handling, irregular tyre wear ad your vehicle may pull to one side. Pedders recommends a wheel alignment every 12-months or every 10,000kms.

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    The Signs Of Poor Wheel Alignment

    • The vehicle pulls to one side of the road.
    • Tyres wear evenly, but quickly.
    • Tyres wear on the edges – either inner or outer edges, not both.
    • Tyre develops a feathered or saw-tooth pattern where one edge of each tread element is worn smooth while the outer edge is sharp and ragged.
    • Lack of steering feel and responsiveness.
    • Excessively heavy steering.
    • Poor handling such as excessive over or understeer.
    • A change in the position of the steering wheel when driving
      in a straightline.

    Wheel alignment

    Why Choose Pedders For Wheel Alignment

    Pedders recommends you have your car’s wheel alignment and balance checked every six months or 10,000km and after any major jolt or impact. Any noticeable change in your car’s behaviour may result from alignment deterioration. If in doubt book your car in for a Pedders alignment inspection. With any wheel alignment Pedders technicians conduct, free of charge, a comprehensive inspection of all steering, suspension and brakes.

    Frequently Asked Wheel Alignment Questions

    Wheel alignment FAQ

    What is a Wheel Alignment?

    Every vehicle has key areas of adjustment within its suspension and each vehicle has varying recommended tolerances for these areas to allow for the best balance of ride comfort, handling and tyre wear. The process of measuring and adjusting these settings is called a wheel alignment service.

    Over time and through regular driving, your wheel alignment settings can change and fall out of the manufacturer’s specified parameters and cause poor handling, un-even tyre wear and reduced fuel economy.

    How to know if you need a Wheel Alignment?

    The most obvious sign that your vehicle requires a wheel alignment is if your tyre wear is un-even and you can notice more tread wear on the inside or outside of the tyre. Another obvious sign is if your vehicle pulls to one side of the road when driving straight or your steering wheel is off centre when driving on a straight road.

    How often should you get a Wheel Alignment?

    It is recommended that you have a wheel alignment service completed every six months or every 10,000km. If you typically drive on bumpy roads with a lot of pot holes or rough gravel roads, it is likely your vehicle will need a wheel alignment more often as these types of road characteristics are the main cause of poor wheel alignment.

    Do you have to get a Wheel Alignment when you get new tyres?

    It is highly recommended that you have a wheel alignment service completed after having new tyres fitted as this will ensure you maximise the life of your new tyres. A poor wheel alignment can cause extreme tyre wear in some cases, which may mean your brand-new tyres only last a few thousand kilometres.

    Should you get a wheel alignment before a road trip?

    It’s a good idea to get a wheel alignment before a road trip to ensure your vehicle’s suspension is performing at its best before tackling a long drive. A long drive when you’re wheels are out of alignment will result in increased tyre wear and poor handling performance. A poor wheel alignment could also increase fatigue on a long drive if the vehicle is constantly pulling to one side of the road. After having a wheel alignment completed before a road trip, you will enjoy peace of mind out on the open road!

    What happens when I drive with bad Wheel Alignment?

    When your drive with a bad wheel alignment your vehicle’s handling performance, tyre wear and fuel economy will be decreased. Your vehicle might pull to one side of the road and your tyres will wear un-evenly which may reduce your tyre grip especially in wet conditions. Driving with a bad wheel alignment can be unsafe and is not recommended.

    Replacement Wheel Alignment

    Check out our range of Pedders Wheel Alignment Parts and more for your vehicle.


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    Caster Shim 5402



    Pedders Camber Pin - 15mm (Pair) 458015


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