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Tow Bar Range and Installation Services At Pedders

Looking for the perfect tow bar? Pedders and Hayman Reese Tow Bars are the ideal choice when towing. Your nearest Pedders store can advise you on the appropriate tow bar to suit your needs, plus install your tow bar and any required wiring or brake controller systems.

Pedders are the one-stop-shop when it comes to towing – we’ll install your tow bar, plus our expert technicians can upgrade your vehicle’s suspension and brakes for improved towing performance.

Tow Bar Installation At Pedders

At Pedders, we can install your new tow bar and any required wiring and brake controller modules for customers that tow braked trailers. Our staff are specially trained to install tow bars effectively and safely. Some vehicles require bumper cuts and some require special wiring – trust Pedders to get the right solution for your towing needs.

Hayman Reese Tow Bars at Pedders

Pedders Suspension & Brakes is a licensed dealer and installer of Hayman Reese Tow Bars. Hayman Reese is one of the most well-known Tow Bar brands in Australia and has been in business for over 70-years! Hayman Reese know towing and their products are engineered, tested and proven to be the best on the market. Hayman Reese manufacture a variety of Tow Bars to suit most popular vehicles sold in Australia and their range extends from light-duty bars, right up to their heavy duty and off-road spec Hayman Reese X-Bar! Hayman Reese have a tow bar to suit you!

Tow Bar Types – Class 2 Or Light Duty Towbars

Hayman Reese Class 2 or standard towbars are basic light weight towing units. For example: small 6 x 4 trailers or mountain bike units. They are often rated for up to 1200kg.

Like all Hayman Reese towbars, the Class 2 towbar is designed for easy installation and the utmost reliability. Hayman Reese Class 2 towbars have an industry leading ball-mount tongue made from thicker high-grade steel compared to other brands. They also feature a bolt-on tongue that attaches to the crossmember using two bolts.

Tow Bar Types – Class 3 Or Medium Duty Towbars

The medium duty towbars are typically rated up to 1600 kg and feature a 40 mm x 40 mm square hitch receiver with a removable Trailer Ball Mount. When you are not towing, simply remove the retaining clip and hitch pin and the Trailer Ball Mount slides straight out. They are engineered to work with Hayman Reese mini Weight Distribution kits and intermediate Weight Distribution kits offering improved safety, handling, control and comfort when towing heavy loads.

For added security & convenience, the range of Hayman Reese lockable hitch pins and hitch box covers complement the range of medium duty towbars.

Tow Bar Types – Class 4 Or Medium Duty Towbars

The class 4 heavy duty towbar is the industry benchmark featuring the famous 50 x 50 mm square hitch receiver. Typically rated to the vehicle’s maximum towing capacity, Hayman Reese heavy duty towbars are a must have for towing caravans, boats, horse floats or even the professional tradesman tool trailer.

The Hayman Reese range of heavy duty towbars also a feature a removable Trailer Ball Mount. So when you are not towing, simply remove the retaining clip & hitch pin, and the Trailer Ball Mount slides straight out. The 50 x 50 mm square hitch receiver is also compatible with the entire range of Weight Distribution kits from Hayman Reese offering improved safety, handling, control and comfort when towing heavy loads. If you’re looking for a reliable, heavy duty class 4 towbar – you’ve come to the right place.

Tow Bar Types – Hayman Reese X-Bar

The Hayman Reese X-Bar is the brand’s halo heavy-duty tow bar offering that is designed for off-road enthusiasts. As well as a heavy duty slide in lockable tow hitch, the X-Bar features three integrated red-finish tow hooks that can be used for vehicle recovery when driving off-road. The X-Bar also features bash plates that cover the vital wiring and connecting pins from damage when off-road driving. X-Bar is a rugged, go-anywhere tow bar engineered for off-road!

Ready To Have Your Tow Bar Installed By Pedders?

Towing Products

Pedders stocks many types of towbars, so there is something to suit everyone's needs! Whether it be a heavy duty towbar or a class 2, we have you covered. Check out our range of Pedders towbars and other towing products to suit your vehicle.

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