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Effects Of Weight On A Vehicle - Part 1

Carrying extra load and adding vehicle accessories can push a vehicle over it GVM and Payload limit. In this video we’ll point to the issues, problems and considerations involved in helping you reach for the best customised solution when carrying load with your vehicle. to find out more visit our Videos & Brochures of our GVM section of our website.

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    If you carry loads for a living or are serious about what you take with you on your next journey then look no further. Pedders GVM+ Upgrade Solutions offer one of the best suspension upgrades for your vehicle proudly backed by our nationwide network of certified installers and service centers.

    Is Your Car Overloaded?

    When your vehicle is fully loaded for the journey ahead or if you’re carrying the tools of your work trade, chances are that your car may be overloaded beyond its GVM and you may not even know it. Common items such as tools, tool boxes, cargo, bull bars, winches, towbars, recovery gear and even your passengers all combine to increase the overall gross vehicle mass. It is also important to note that if you have purchased a cab/chassis, the weight of the tray is not part of the “kerb weight”. Every vehicle on our roads today has an official legally allocated gross vehicle mass rating (GVM). The GVM rating is a legal weight figure (in kg’s) that results in the total maximum allowable weight of a vehicle when fully loaded. It’s essentially the maximum legal weight, that you can safely drive at for that particular vehicle.

    Does Your Vehicle Have A Sagging Rear End Under Load?

    “Tradesman who carry tools, families who tow caravans and fleet vehicles who carry loads for a living can all be prone at times to being overloaded beyond the vehicles GVM capacity. This
    causes extra stress on the vehicles suspension and
    braking systems which weren’t designed to be under
    load all of the time. This also applies to vehicles that carry
    extra load or tow daily and operate within the GVM limit. Vehicle loads from accessories such as bull bars, service bodies and side steps can also increase vehicle weight. Its important to make sure that your vehicle complies with its payload and GVM ratings.”

    Carrying Loads – Your Vehicle Might Be Unroadworthy

    “A vehicle that is overloaded is deemed
    illegal by the road authorities and more importantly is
    not compliant with insurance. This presents a huge risk
    to drivers if the vehicle is involved in an accident and the
    driver or our fleet operator is found to be negligent by
    being over the GVM rating of the vehicle. In this situation the vehicle will require a GVM upgrade.”

    Worn Suspension & Brakes

    “When a vehicle is consistently overloaded the added weight puts a tremendous strain on the original equipment suspension and braking components. This can result in increased braking distances, decreased pad and rotor life plus worn suspension components, rough ride and increased fuel consumption due to poor wheel alignment. All of these symptoms are not ideal and end up costing more money with expensive ongoing maintenance and repairs. Your vehicle may need a GVM upgrade. “

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