Electric Secondary Park Brake

For Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series owners who regularly navigate steep inclines or carry heavy loads, maintaining a secure park can be challenging, especially as the vehicle ages and the manual handbrake cable stretches. This is where Pedders Suspension and Brakes introduces an innovative solution - the Electric Secondary Park Brake (ESPB), designed to enhance safety, reliability, and peace of mind that your pride and joy won't roll-away. 

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Hold Steady, No Matter The Terrain.

If you tow or carry heavy loads with your Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series, your vehicle could benefit from the innovative new Pedders Electric Secondary Park Brake.

Enhancing Vehicle Safety.

The ESPB is an advanced system that works alongside your factory park brake, offering a robust backup solution. It uses an electric park brake caliper, similar to those found in new vehicles, ensuring that your vehicle remains firmly in place under various conditions. This system is particularly beneficial for vehicles used beyond the manufacturer’s design parameters, providing a firm and secure hold without affecting the Australian Design Rules compliance of the vehicle.

Seamless Integration

The integration of the ESPB into your LandCruiser 70 Series is seamless, with an unobtrusive cabin switch that allows easy operation without compromising the vehicle's interior aesthetics. The system retains the mechanical handbrake's functionality while adding the ESPB for an extra layer of safety. This dual approach ensures that the appropriate clamping pressure is always applied by the park brake, minimizing any risk of vehicle roll-away.

2 Year / 40,000km Warranty

Pedders' commitment to quality and safety is further underscored by the 2-Year / 40,000km nationwide warranty accompanying the ESPB, offering owners reassurance in the reliability and durability of their investment. The Electric Secondary Park Brake is an exemplary innovation from Pedders Suspension and Brakes, reflecting the company's ongoing dedication to improving overall brake system performance and driver safety and comfort.

Safety At A Switch, Avoid Roll-Away

Pedders ESPB system is not just about enhancing safety; it's about offering LandCruiser owners the peace of mind that comes from knowing their vehicle is equipped to stay securely parked in any situation.

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