Top Vehicle Upgrades For Tradies

Pedders has the solutions to upgrade your Tradie vehicle for Work or Play!

If you’re a Tradie that regularly carries heavy equipment, tows a trailer or your rig has a custom canopy setup, you might want to consider upgrading your vehicle to suit your needs. Factory suspension and braking systems are designed with a wide range of uses in mind and can struggle to perform under specific circumstances such as towing and load-carrying. Here are some improvements to consider.

Pedders Lift Kits

A lift kit will give your vehicle an increase in ride height, improving its all-round performance when it comes to off-road driving, towing and load-carrying. Pedders lift kits are available with heavy duty and constant-load springs that prevent the vehicle from sagging while carrying heavy loads, plus high-performance shock absorbers – great for Work and Play!

Pedders GVM+ Upgrade

Every vehicle sold in Australia has a certified GVM or Gross Vehicle Mass – this is the maximum legal weight of the vehicle as stated by the manufacturer and this figure includes all weight added to the vehicle such as fuel, passengers, cargo, accessories, and any weight added by towing a trailer. Exceeding this maximum rating and overloading the vehicle is not only un-safe but illegal. In many cases an overloaded vehicle will not be covered under insurance in the case of an accident.

Pedders, as a Second Stage Manufacturer, can increase the certified GVM rating of a number of popular Tradie vehicles to allow the vehicle to legally carry more weight. Depending on the vehicle, Pedders is able to do this by upgrading the vehicle’s suspension and brakes to a heavy-duty product that is engineered to carry additional load.

If you frequently carry heavy loads in your Tradie vehicle, or have a permanent canopy setup for tools and equipment, this is the ideal solution for you.


Pedders Heavy Duty Spring upgrade

If your suspension is struggling to cope when you carry your tools and equipment a heavy-duty spring upgrade could be a cost-effective option to upgrade your vehicle. Heavy-duty springs are available for leaf and coil spring applications and can withstand additional weight without compressing. If you’ve noticed your factory suspension sag after fitting a bullbar or canopy then this is the solution for you.

Pedders AirAssist Air Bag kit

Pedders AirAssist Air Bag Suspension kits are designed to help level a vehicle’s suspension when additional weight is being carried. The air bag is located within the suspension and can be inflated to match the load added to the vehicle.

These kits are ideal for vehicles that are multi-purpose – for example a daily driver ute that is used to tow a caravan or boat on the holidays. The AirAssist kit can work with a standard or lifted suspension package, which allows the driver to retain every-day comfort while also ensuring their vehicle is level and stable when load is added.

Pedders Brake Upgrade

It’s no surprise that adding weight to a vehicle increases its stopping distance and puts additional pressure on the vehicle’s braking system. Get peace of mind and upgrade your vehicle’s brakes – a simple high-performance brake pad such as Pedders Kevlar Ceramic can provide a noticeable improvement, while upgrades such as a Pedders Big Front Brake Kit or Rear Drum-to-Disc Conversion will take your braking performance to the next level!

Many Tradie vehicles come from factory with old-technology rear drum brakes but Pedders has the solution – our Rear Drum-to-Disc Conversion kit is available for most popular dual-cab ute models and provides superior braking performance. Enhance performance and safety with a Pedders brake upgrade!

Hayman Reese Towbar

Every Tradie vehicle needs a tow bar, and Pedders is an Authorised Dealer and installer of Hayman Reese Tow Bars. Hayman Reese Tow Bars are engineered and certified to tow the load you need and there is a wide range available – from the traditional removable hitch right up to the awesome X-Bar – designed for Work and Play!

Pedders LoadRyder Onboard Scales

LoadRyder Onboard Scales is Pedders’ innovative new real-time vehicle weight monitoring system. This onboard scales product can accurately measure vehicle weight in real-time, provide detailed axle load metrics and warn the driver if their vehicle exceeds its Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) rating and becomes overloaded. This Australian-first system can play an important role in keeping Tradies safe and legal while on the road.

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