Subaru Outback 1998 2003 bh 30lt 6cyl ulp 0 - Suspension Kits, Brakes, Towbars & More

When your car breaks down or shows signs of damage before an important trip, finding the right spare replacement parts can become a race against time. This is why our online store offers you all the Subaru spare parts you could ever need in a single place. You can even order them online, without having to go from store to store.

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    The Pedders range of Subaru spares is specially designed to meet the needs of all Australian Subaru drivers. Whether you have one of the classic models or a model that was released recently, you can count on Pedders Suspension for the same high quality automotive.

    Pedders Parts for :

    • Subaru Outback 1998
    • Subaru Outback 1999
    • Subaru Outback 2000
    • Subaru Outback 2001
    • Subaru Outback 2002
    • Subaru Outback 2003