GVM Upgrades Sunshine Coast

GVM Upgrades Sunshine Coast: Ramp up your Capacity for Adventure with Pedders!

Is carrying heavy loads part of your regular work routine? Or maybe you’re a keen adventurer who loves nothing more than loading up your 4×4 with the dirt bikes and heading off into the bush for the weekend?

Either way, now might be a good time to start thinking about upgrading your suspension and load -carrying capacity. And you’re in luck, Pedders offers complete GVM upgrades in Sunshine Coast!

But don’t just take our word for it – Pedders premium GVM upgrades in Sunshine Coast are also available across the country. We offer a truly first class service, and it’s backed by our nationwide network of certified installers and service centres!

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Our complete GVM+ Upgrades are Federal-Government-approved and legal Australia-wide

GVM Upgrades in Sunshine Coast and across Queensland

Four-wheel drives and SUV’s are becoming ever more popular on the road, with many of these vehicles being used for both work and recreational duties. However, if you’re regularly carrying or towing heavy loads, there’s a chance you might be operating your vehicle outside of its designed operation parameters.

For some vehicles, just adding a caravan or toolbox, a full load of passengers and a bullbar might already have the vehicle operating close to, or over its specified maximum GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) rating.

An overloaded vehicle is a potential safety hazard, as cornering and braking performance can be compromised. For peace of mind, our a Pedders GVM Upgrade might be just the ticket for you – we’re available right through the Sunshine Coast metropolitan area.

Pedders offer our Sunshine Coast GVM upgrades in outlets across the city and bay, wider Queensland and beyond. We’re also proud to cater for a wide range of vehicle makes and models – whatever your vehicle, give us a call or drop in and we’ll do our best to help out!

So, whether you’re in the market for the best Toyota Hilux GVM upgrade in Sunshine Coast, or you’ve decided it’s time to treat your Ford Ranger to that GVM upgrade in Sunshine Coast – Pedders is the place for you!

GVM Upgrades in Sunshine Coast: Industry Best Solutions from Pedders

  • All of our GVM Upgrade Kits are certified by the Department of Infrastructure and Transport giving you peace of mind and assuring the very best quality.
  • Quality Guaranteed with Pedders 2 Year/40,000kms Nationwide Warranty: Every suspension component we install as part of a Pedders GVM upgrade package is covered.
  • Do you holiday with a towing caravan? Or tow horse floats or standard trailers? You may need a helping hand with extra load carrying capacity – if so our GVM Upgrade is made for you!
  • The perfect choice for hefty 4x4s stacked with bull bars, winches, recovery equipment, drawer systems, camping gear and underbody protection! We’ll make sure you’re 100% compliant to the federal and state GVM laws.
  • For new vehicles, after installing the GVM Upgrade kit, a compliance plate will be fitted by your Pedders team: this means you can register your vehicle with the new increased GVM. Now you can legally drive your vehicle across every state in Australia. Too easy!
  • Alternatively, if your vehicle has already been road registered, you will need to arrange for an authorised Automotive Engineer in that state to inspect it and issue you with a compliance certificate.

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