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Considering the complexity and diversity of steering, towing, braking and suspension componentry, as well as the huge opportunity the knowledge brings to this area, training is seen as pivotal to the success of increasing steering and suspension sales available to our customers.

Thorough, ongoing training is vital in upholding Pedders national status as leaders within the automotive industry. Training touches every member of the Pedders team from our trade network, franchisees, authorised dealer network, head office staff and global distributors. With a market advantage based on our own team’s advice, service, trust and expertise, training is of paramount focus within the Pedders group. All Pedders franchisees and staff are expected to attend and successfully complete internal technical and sales training seminars as well as information sessions on product and marketing so that we can provide the technical and sales know-how that we promise to the marketplace. Online training has been a recent addition to the group in order to further streamline the process.

As a commitment to improving customer service and sales within the group, Pedders Suspension, through its own Training Management team provides a series of training courses in each metro city. The current training courses offered are as follows;

  1. Basic Wheel Alignment
  2. Advanced Wheel Alignment
  3. Tech Check & Report
  4. Spring Design & Operation
  5. Shock Absorber Design & Operation
  6. Constant Velocity Joint Theory
  7. Four Wheel Steering Systems
  8. SRS Air Bag Operation
  9. Steering Gear Design & Operation
  10. Visual brake pad and rotor inspection

Pedders Suspension also offers these training courses to its trade customers for a nominal fee.

Training also extends to the store level with trade training playing an important part in the relationship between stores and their trade customers. Franchisees and Authorised Dealers are encouraged to hold training seminars on site where staff and Pedders Suspension representatives are on hand to explain servicing procedures and various products to their trade customers. Trade seminars, whether hands on or via presentations, are backed by aids such as Power Point Presentations, product animations, websites and handouts which are all provided through our marketing department at head office. Pedders Suspension has a vast library of technical information which has been collated over many years. The system is constantly updated and today represents the highest level of training available in the industry.

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