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      4×4 Suspension in Melbourne – Airbag, 4X4 Suspension

      Pedders is your number 1 choice for high-quality airbag and 4×4 suspension in and around Melbourne.

      No matter where you are located in the city, one of the 14 Pedders stores in the area will be able to help you out with all your auto repair needs.

      A suspension is actually made up of an integrated system of components that are quite complicated. It is what links the body of your car to the wheels, and is responsible for handling, stability and comfort. Pedders are Melbourne’s suspension experts, and we’ve spent over 60 years developing and perfecting products such as the TrakRyder range.

      The TrakRyder range is an advanced upgrade kit specifically tailored to suit the needs of 4wd vehicles. Combined with our world’s first Tow and Load Assessment service this system allows you to have a personally optimized suspension kit that takes into consideration the needs of your 4×4 vehicle and the way you most often use it. This has never been possible before.

      Whether you use your car on road or on rough terrain, you tow a lighter, medium or heavy load the Pedders specialists in Melbourne will be able to design the most optimal solution for you and equip your 4-wheel drive vehicle from the wide selection of TrakRyder accessories.

      The full range includes shock absorbers and air bags, coil and leaf springs, brake pads, torsion bars, alignment kits and steering dumpers designed and manufactured by Pedders.

      If you’re looking for help with replacing, repairing or upgrading your suspension, you’ve come to the home of Melbourne’s experts.

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