New Product Release-VF Commodore bushings

VF Commodore – Polyurethane Bushings
Now available from Pedders is an extensive range of bushing and alignment solutions to enhance the steering and handling of the recently released VF Commodore. Pedders polyurethane bushings are designed to allow flexibility of movement of the entire suspension while maintaining correct mounting and alignment of individual parts. They are used to position suspension and steering components such as sway bars, shock absorbers, torsion bars and control arms. In addition bushes help absorb road shock and enhance comfort while some are designed to reduce noise vibration and harshness.

EP6561 Control arm - lower rear inner bushing Front
EP6560 Radius arm - to chassis bushing Front
5421 Radius arm - to chassis lock washers (caster correction) Front
EP3508/23 Sway bar - mount bushing 23mm Front
EP3508/26 Sway bar - mount bushing 26mm Front
EP7264 Control arm - lower inner bushing Rear
EP1166 Crossmember - mount bushing Rear
EP1169 Crossmember - mount insert bushing Rear
EP1167 Diff - mount bushing Rear
EP1167HD Diff - mount bushing MOTORSPORT Rear
EP3509/14 Sway bar - mount bushing 14mm Rear
EP3509/16 Sway bar - mount bushing 16mm Rear
EP3509/18 Sway bar - mount bushing 18mm Rear
EP3509/20 Sway bar - mount bushing 20mm Rear
EP3509/22 Sway bar - mount bushing 22mm Rear
EP7267 Toe arm - inner bushing Rear
EP7265 Trailing arm - lower front bushing Rear
EP7266 Trailing arm - lower rear bushing Rear