New Product Release-Spherical Bearing

Pedders Suspension has released a series of Spherical Pivot Joints for the rear lateral lower arms to pivot joints in the Toyota Aristo, Lexus GS 300, Chrysler 300C models. The latest spherical pivot joints are designed to reduce tyre wear and noise levels when replacing the original worn component. If your looking to restore the performance and handling of your vehicle Pedders control arm spherical pivot joints are an ideal choice. These items are heavy duty replacement joints that are backed up by our 2 year 40,000km nationwide warranty

402006 Chrysler 300C  2005-­‐2012 R Rear  lateral  arm  lower  outer  pivot  located  in  hub  assembly 402005 Toyota/Lexus GS300  1997-­‐2004  JZS160  &   JZS161,  Aristo  1997-­‐2004  JZS160   &  JZS161 R Rear  lateral  arm  lower  control  arm  pivot  joint  -­‐