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Pedders Performance Star highlights the five safety and performance critical systems of your vehicle.

Shock Absorbers

Hydraulic (oil filled) dampers which are key components to a vehicle’s complex suspension system and are designed to control the movement of key suspension components with the primary purpose of providing constant tyre contact with the road.

Wheel Alignment

The adjustable static or dynamic angle of a vehicle’s wheels and tyres which affect tyre contact and wear, stability, steering and braking.


The highly complex and integrated system of components linking a vehicle’s body with the road wheels to maximise traction between the tyres and road surface providing steering stability, secure handling, load sharing and passenger comfort.


The complex hydraulic system with numerous components designed to slow down or stop a vehicle in a stable, predictable and controlled manner.


The safety and performance critical system of components linking you the driver via the steering wheel to the road wheels of the car.

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