Mitsubishi Pajero Underbody Protection

ASFIR is globally recognised as the leading manufacturer of skid plates for Mitsubishi Pajero models, which is why Pedders is proud to distribute this product to 4WD owners throughout Australia. Their kits are equipped with a range of parts to improve the safety and handling of your vehicle. ASFIR underbody protection kits are easily installed and designed to easily dismantle for undercarriage services and repairs.

The Mitsubishi Pajero packages include:

  • Front skid plate for petrol auto 07-12 models
  • Gear skid plate for petrol LWB/SWB auto 07-12 models
  • Transfer skis plate for LWB/SWB petrol auto 07-12 models
  • Fuel tank skid plate for LWB 07-12 models

Speak to a Pedders consultant at your local Australian outlet and discover the difference ASFIR's Mitsubishi Pajero underbody protection can make for you. 


Click the image below to download brochure:

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