TrakRyder Suspension Kits for Nissan Patrol 1988-Y60 GQ & GQII 1988-97 Wagon LWB

If you want suspension lift kits tailored specifically to meet and enhance the handling characteristics of your Nissan Patrol 1988-Y60 GQ or GQII 1988-97 Wagon LWB, then Pedders can assist. We sell premium TrakRyder upgrade kits throughout Australia, which include:

  •           Front Gas 4X4 Shocks
  •           Front Foam Cell Shocks
  •           Front Long Travel Shocks
  •           Front Standard Coil Springs
  •           Front Raised Coil Springs
  •           Front Adjustable Panhard Rod
  •           Front Urethane Alignment Bush
  •           Steering Dampers
  •           Rear Gas 4X4 Shocks
  •           Rear Foam Cell Shocks
  •           Rear Long Travel Shocks
  •           Rear Standard Coil Springs
  •           Rear Raised Coil Springs
  •           Rear Adjustable Panhard Rod


Visit one of the many Pedders outlets throughout Australia today and discover the fantastic TrakRyder suspension kits we have for your Nissan Patrol 1988-Y60 GQ or GQII 1988-97 Wagon LWB. We also provide optional extra parts in addition to those listed above - talk to our team today!