Brakes for Tow Vehicles

Pedders is a manufacturer of Vehicle brakes and brake components, offering a wide range of solutions that enhance your vehicle’s stopping and towing performance. All Pedders products are adapted to Australian driving conditions. In addition to our own brand of brake components, we also stock world renowned Akebono Ceramic Brake Pads.

Increased total weight creates a magnification of energy and force onto the vehicles braking system, which in turn generates increased heat and stress. Increasing total weight and/or inconsistent vehicle loading has a significant impact on brake performance, braking longevity and most importantly braking distance. That’s why we encourage all of our customers to book their vehicles in for a Pedders Tow & Load Assessment prior to conducting any serious load carrying with their vehicles. Visit our Pedders Tow & Load Assessment page to find out more.

We offer our own comprehensive range of brake parts and services consisting of:

  • Brake Rotors Geomet Coated
  • Brake Rotors Slotted Geomet Coated
  • Brake Pads (Ceramic) In both Pedders Brand & Akebono Brand
  • Brake Pads (Kevlar Ceramic)
  • Brake Drums
  • Brake Wear Sensors
  • Brake Shoes
  • Brake Efficiency Testing
  • Brake Fluid Flush 
  • General Brake Servicing and Replacement
  • Brake Fault Diagnosis
  • Brake System Rebuilds 

Call your local Pedders Suspension store today to get a quote on our brakes suitable for tow vehicles.

Keep your tow vehicle safe on our roads with Pedders

Get the stopping power and performance you demand with Pedders range of high quality car brakes. Whether you’re just after replacement brakes for your Ranger or Hilux, standard brakes for your Landcruiser, DMAX, Navara, BT50 or Amarok or just general aftermarket products, we have the right system for you.

Performance brakes and more for your Tow Vehicle

When you’re ready to upgrade your car brakes, turn to Pedders. From high quality disc brake pads to brake rotors and callipers, we have everything you need to optimise your performance vehicle on Australian roads. With brands like: Pedders & Akebono Brakes we've got your braking replacement needs covered. Call your local Pedders Suspension store today to get a quote on our performance and race brakes.

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