1990-1992 UBS

Holden Jackaroo 1990-1992 UBS

Front Shocks

8183 Pedders Shock AbsorberShop Now
9021 Pedders Gas Sports Ryder ShockShop Now
EP198 Urethane Swaybar Link Bush (4 PKT)Shop Now

Front Spring Standard

4710 Pedders TrakRyder Torsion Bar - 996mmEnquire Now
4709 Pedders TrakRyder Torsion Bar -1000mmEnquire Now

Front Sway Bar Bushes

540036 Pedders Rubber Bush (4 Bushes Per Pack)Shop Now
EP3360 Urethane Swaybar Link/ Shock Bush (4 PKT)Shop Now

Lower Ball Joint

PBJ282 Pedders Ball JointShop Now

Upper Ball Joint

PBJ203 Pedders Ball JointShop Now
PBJ428 Pedders Ball JointEnquire Now

Outer Tie Rod End

PTE210R Pedders Tie Rod EndEnquire Now
PTE210L Pedders Tie Rod EndEnquire Now

Idler Arm &/or Bush Kit

PSX7660 Pedders Idler Suppot PivotEnquire Now
PSX9710 Pedders Kit Chassis PartEnquire Now

Drag Link

PTR890 Pedders Drag LinkEnquire Now

Upper Inner Bush

EP6243 Urethane Upper Control Arm Bush (4 PKT)Enquire Now

Lower Inner Bush

EP6250 Urethane Lower Control Arm Front Bush (V6 56mm long) (2 PKT)Enquire Now
EP6247 Urethane Lower Control Arm Rear Bush (2 PKT)Enquire Now
EP6690 Urethane Control Arm BushEnquire Now

Power Steering Gear

4310 4310 Filter-normal 3/8 Dia.Enquire Now
1736 Power Steering BoxEnquire Now

Power Steering Pump

1817 Power Steering PumpEnquire Now
1571 Power Steering PumpShop Now

CV Shaft Assembly (Front)

410021R Pedders CV - Shafts (New)Enquire Now
410021L Pedders CV - Shafts (New)Enquire Now

Outer Cv Boot (Front)

511002 Pedders CV - BootEnquire Now

Inner Cv Boot (Front)

511001 Pedders CV - BootEnquire Now

Rear Shock

9120 Pedders Trakryder Gas 4x4 ShockShop Now
3528 3528 4wd Touring Black GasEnquire Now
8128 Pedders Shock AbsorberEnquire Now
9128 Pedders Trakryder Gas 4x4 ShockShop Now
9528 Pedders Trakryder Foam Cell ShockShop Now
EP148 Urethane Shock Bush(2PKT)Shop Now

Rear Spring Standard

6220 Pedders Trakryder Leaf SpringShop Now

Rear Airbag

494022 Pedders Air Assist Bellow KitShop Now

Rear Sway Bar Links

424229 Pedders Stabilizer LinkEnquire Now

Rear Fixed Eye Bushes / Kits

EP972 Urethane Leaf Spring Bush (2PKT)Shop Now

Rear Shackle Bushes / Kits

EP8003 Urethane Leaf Spring Shackle Bush (4 PKT)Shop Now

Front Brake Rotors

6600046 Pedders OE Replacement RotorEnquire Now
BOPBR033 PBR OE Replacement Disc rotorEnquire Now
DBA033 DBA Direct OE Replacement RotorEnquire Now

Front Brake Pads

P-DB1116HD Bendix Heavy Duty Brake PadsEnquire Now
P-DB11164WD Bendix 4WD Brake PadsEnquire Now
PACT363 Premium Low Dust Brake PadsShop Now

Front Calipers

BOK1797S PBR Brake Caliper Recondition Kit (Axle Set)Enquire Now
BOJB8715 PBR Brake Caliper PistonEnquire Now

Front Brake Hoses

BOH1789 PBR Flexible Brake HoseEnquire Now

Master Cylinder

BOJB1789 PBR Brake Master Cylinder AssemblyEnquire Now

Rear Brake Rotors

BOPBR034 PBR OE Replacement Disc rotorEnquire Now
DBA034 DBA Direct OE Replacement RotorEnquire Now

Rear Brake Pads

P-DB11614WD Bendix 4WD Brake PadsEnquire Now

Rear Brake Shoes

P-BS1662 Bendix Brake shoesEnquire Now

Rear Calipers

BOK1872S PBR Brake Caliper Recondition KitEnquire Now

Rear Wheel Cylinder

BOJB2892G PBR Wheel Cylinder Assembly (Pair)Enquire Now

Rear Brake Hoses

BOH1409 PBR Flexible Brake HoseEnquire Now
BOH1634 PBR Flexible Brake HoseEnquire Now
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