1985-1988 RB

Holden Gemini 1985-1988 RB

Front Shocks

8945 Pedders Sealed StrutEnquire Now

Front Shock Mounts

580022 Strut MountEnquire Now

Front Spring Low

2025 Pedders Sportsryder Coil SpringEnquire Now

Front Spring Standard

7025 Pedders Heavy Duty Coil SpringEnquire Now

Front Bump Stop/Kit

4354 Bump Stop & Boot KitEnquire Now
4366 BootEnquire Now

Front Alignment Products

81250 Camber Pin Kit - 12mmShop Now

Lower Ball Joint

PBJ262 Pedders Ball JointEnquire Now

Outer Tie Rod End

PTE716R Pedders Tie Rod EndEnquire Now

Radius Rod Bush

EP9115 Urethane Radius Rod Bush (4 PKT)Enquire Now

Power Steering Gear

4310 4310 Filter-normal 3/8 Dia.Enquire Now

Rear Shock

8103 Pedders Shock AbsorberEnquire Now
EP4052 Urethane Upper Shock Bush (4 PKT)Enquire Now

Rear Spring Low

2193 Sports Ryder Coil SpringEnquire Now

Rear Airbag

NOTES Special InformationEnquire Now

Front Brake Pads

BODB410QS Bosch Qikstop Brake PadsEnquire Now

Front Calipers

BOK2179S PBR Brake Caliper Recondition KitEnquire Now

Front Brake Hoses

BOH1521 PBR Flexible Brake HoseEnquire Now

Rear Wheel Cylinder

BOJB2958 PBR Wheel Cylinder AssemblyEnquire Now

Rear Brake Hoses

BOH1522 PBR Flexible Brake HoseEnquire Now
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